foodphilo black brew

100% Arabica ground coffee drip bags

  • Strong black coffee in a convenient drip bag
  • Balanced and flavourful
  • A classic gourmet brew
  • BODY

Main Ingredients

100% Arabica ground coffee (Ethiopia, Brazil, Laos)

150g (15 sachets)

Made in Taiwan
Certified Halal by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association


  1. directions for black brew coffee step 1

    Tear open filter bag along dotted line.

  2. directions for black brew coffee step 2

    Open both handles and rest securely on rim of cup.

  3. directions for black brew coffee step 3

    Pour a small amount of hot water to wet coffee grounds and wait for 20 seconds.

    Slowly add 150-200ml of hot water and wait for 30 seconds.

  4. directions for black brew coffee step 4

    Remove filter bag and enjoy.


Brewing Tips

We recommend to use hot water of approximately 96°C to brew coffee and to complete pouring 150-200ml of hot water within 2-4 minutes. This gives a more balanced coffee flavour.

Pour hot water in a circular motion to ensure complete coffee extraction. Stir well after extraction to balance flavour as the concentrated solution will be at the bottom.

For a more concentrated flavour, reduce the amount of hot water (75-100ml) and pour slowly.

You can also leave the drip bag to steep in the hot coffee for 1-2 minutes for a stronger flavour, depending on your personal preference.

Can I add ice cubes to the coffee or enjoy the coffee chilled?

If you prefer to consume it cold, we recommend to brew Black Brew according to the directions of use and leave it to chill in the fridge instead of adding ice. Adding ice to hot coffee may dilute the rich and aromatic flavour.

However, if you prefer to have it iced, you can reduce the amount of hot water (about 75-100ml) and pour slowly to concentrate the flavour before adding ice cubes after.

Can I add milk/creamer and sugar to the coffee?

If you do not prefer to drink Black Brew plain, you may consider some of these healthier options based on your preferences:


We recommend adding unrefined raw sugar because it is natural and it contains minerals and nutrients. If you prefer zero-calorie sweeteners, stevia is also a suitable option. Another alternative is honey, but please note that it has a strong flavour that may affect the taste of the coffee.


We recommend adding skim milk to black coffee as it contains little to no fats as compared to whole milk (3-4% fats) or reduced-fat milks (1-2% fats).

You can also choose alternative low calorie, non-dairy milks like almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk. However, please note that as these alternative milks contains more water, it does not give the same rich creamy texture as dairy milks.

You may wish to reduce the amount of hot water (75-100ml) and pour slowly to concentrate the flavour before adding milk.

Those on keto diets

Opt for heavy cream, non-sweetened nut milk, coconut oil, unsalted grass-fed butter or keto-friendly creamers that are almond milk/coconut milk based. These can help to boost metabolism and aid weight loss without affecting blood sugar level.


Should I gradually pour water over the coffee grounds all at once or split it into a number of pours?

We will recommend to split it over a few pours (3-4 times) to prevent water and coffee grounds from overflowing from the filter bag. Refer to the directions of use for more information.

Can I reuse the coffee grounds for a second cup of coffee?

It is ok to do so depending on your personal preference. However, we do not recommend to reuse the coffee grounds for a second cup as the resulting brew might be bitter with a weaker flavour. The caffeine content will also be reduced. We recommend brewing a cup with 150-200ml of water each time for the best coffee flavour.

How strong is the level of caffeine in Black Brew?

Each serving of Black Brew (150ml) contains 80.7mg of caffeine.